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Can one of the world's best buyers of global ocean freight beat Keelvar's intelligent sourcing bot?

March 9th 2021

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9am EST | 2pm GMT | 3pm CEST


About the contest

Let's put the bots to the test

Today, 50% of work activities are technically automatable by available technologies, according to McKinsey Global Institute. That’s especially true when the tasks require time-consuming, repetitive, lower-value effort. But when it comes to such procurement workloads, is intelligent sourcing automation ready for prime time? At Keelvar, we believe so. We’re organizing this unique contest to put our Bot to the test...


Making decisions about how to award global ocean freight transportation is famously complex and data-laden, with many lanes/routes, shippers, and various bid elements to consider. It’s a solid choice to simulate in this contest as we determine if bid analysis and awarding decisions become better suited for the Bot to evaluate vs. the human. We’ll be simulating this sourcing event with as close to real-world conditions as possible.


Our expert ocean freight sourcing buyer will “go it alone” as they evaluate bids and award scenarios.  Meanwhile, the Keelvar sourcing Bot, merely prompted by a category manager, will make its own award decision recommendations that will be passed to the judging panel. Blind judging will score how the Bot’s decisions rank compared to our expert buyer.

WHAT WILL BE THE RESULT? You'll need to watch and find out!



The contest begins at:

9am EST | 2pm GMT | 3pm CEST

2PM - 4PM (GMT)

Contest Kickoff & The Main Event

The First Half

Contest preview and rules, Introduction of judging panel, expert buyer, and the Keelvar Bot. Then phase 1 of the sourcing event starts with our first bids! Host David McWilliams will lead ongoing commentary among our panel of procurement professionals, observers and judges, while periodically checking in with our competitors too.


Keynote speaker to be announced.

Plus, halftime analysis from our panelists.

The Second Half

The second half is where things will really heat up for both our human sourcing expert and the Keelvar bot as the volume and pace of simulated bids pick up. This will mean more data to analyze to find optimal award scenarios in a shorter time period...

Who will be VICTORIOUS?



Free Live Event
10am EST | 3pm GMT | 4pm CET