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Can one of the world's best buyers of global ocean freight beat Keelvar's intelligent sourcing bot?

DECEMBER 3rd 2020

Free Streamed Event

9am EST | 2pm GMT | 3pm CEST









About the contest

Let's put the bots to the test

Today, 50% of work activities are technically automatable by available technologies, according to McKinsey Global Institute. That's especially true when the tasks require time-consuming, repetitive, lower-value effort. But when it comes to procurement, is Intelligent Sourcing Automation ready for prime time? At Keelvar, we think so. We're organizing this unique contest to put our Bots to the test...


Many procurement teams must urgently and quickly conduct "spot bids" to move ocean freight containers as market demands change, such as having to ship needed supplies for the COVID-19 pandemic response. In this contest, several global buying organizations will put real ocean freight sourcing business out for bid to real carriers. The contest will reveal how well the sourcing bots perform compared to an expert human buyer in collecting and analyzing bid data, especially as the number of spot bids and related tasks increase.


Both the human expert buyer and Keelvar's sourcing bot will need to handle starting the spot bid events, collecting and negotiating carrier bids, and proposing award scenarios. Each buying organization will blindly judge the possible award options for their spot bids, without knowing if it came from the bot or human. At the end of the contest, we'll see how it all stacks up across all the bidding events.

WHAT WILL BE THE RESULT? You'll need to watch and find out!

Garry Kasparov

From a young age, Azerbaijani-born Garry Kasparov was a precocious and prodigious chess talent. At 12, Kasparov became the under-18 USSR chess champion. At 17, he was the under-20 World Champion. At 22, he became the youngest ever World Chess Champion.

However, one of Kasparov’s most enduring legacies is his chess battle with Deep Blue, IBM’s AI-powered chess computer. When IBM built Deep Blue, Kasparov was widely regarded as the greatest chess player in history, making him the ideal candidate for a man versus machine contest.

In 1996, in what became a symbolic victory for mankind over artificial intelligence, Kasparov defeated Deep Blue. IBM responded by upgrading Deep Blue’s intelligence, and in 1997, the machine ultimately defeated Kasparov.

In the late 20th century, IBM pitted man’s abilities against machine’s artificial intelligence, with AI emerging as the ultimate winner. Now, in the 21st Century, Keelvar is showing how AI can be harnessed by businesses to take their teams’ abilities to the next level.



The Contest Begins at:

9am EST | 2pm GMT | 3pm CEST

2PM - 4PM (GMT)

Contest Kickoff & The Main Event

The First Half

Contest preview and rules, Introduction of judging panel, expert buyer, and the Keelvar Bot. Then phase 1 of the sourcing event starts with our first bids! Host David McWilliams will lead ongoing commentary among our panel of procurement professionals, observers and judges, while periodically checking in with our competitors too.


Featuring Garry Kasparov

Chairman of Human Rights Foundation, Author, Speaker and Chess Legend.

The Second Half

The second half is where things will really heat up for both our human sourcing expert and the Keelvar Bot as the volume and pace of bids pick up. This will mean more data to analyze to find optimal award scenarios in a shorter time period...

Who will be VICTORIOUS?